Do You Think Lamar Odom Actually Called Out His Dad?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Remember when Lamar Odom took to Twitter last night to slam his meddling father for trashing the Kardashian family, to praise Khloe and company and to publically acknowledge that heís in a ďdarkĒ place for the first time. To many observers, the comments were seen as a wonderful sign of forward progress, but upon further review, itís possible the big man didnít actually write the paragraph in question at all.

The rant is still up on Odomís Twitter account, but according to TMZ, itís unlikely the former Laker updated his account because he doesnít even have Internet access at the place heís staying. Apparently, heís extremely paranoid about anyone knowing where heís at, and as such, he doesnít even allow the people around him to use cell phones for more than fifteen seconds at a time in case of wiretaps. So, without Internet and without cell phones, he would have needed to go somewhere else to take care of it.

Since Odom isnít exactly speaking publically on whether he did or didnít fire off the extended tweet, thereís really no way to know for sure who sent it. On the one hand, itís hard to imagine someone hacked into his account with the sole purpose of writing an emotional response to Lamarís dad. Who would even have a motive to do that? On the other hand, however, thereís nothing about Odomís behavior over the past month that would lead one to believe the light has turned on. Whoever wrote the diatribe doesnít sound anything like the guy who recently picked up a DUI.

What do you think? Did Lamar write the Tweet? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Did Lamar Write The Tweet?


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