Elvis' Tomb No Longer For Sale

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Almost two months ago, Julienís Auctions announced a slew of items it would offer during a megasale June 23 and 24. Of the hundreds of pieces connected to Rock N Roll icons, one attracted more attention than any other: Elvis Presley's tomb. Back in 1977, the Kingís body was put inside the large mausoleum alongside his mother, but a few months later, the family decided Graceland was the rightful place for the musician and his mother to be buried. So, the bodies were moved, and the tomb has remained empty for decades.

Not wanting the large, uninhabited structure to go to waste, Forest Hill Cemetery gave Julienís the go ahead to auction off the final resting place to the highest bidder, but apparently, the idea of someone else being buried in the Kingís tomb hasnít gone over well with fans. According to USA Today, the auction house received so many complaints over the past few months it held a meeting and decided selling off the tomb wasnít the best idea.

The auction house refused to say it would never hold a similar auction in the future, but it did say it would hold off on the Kingís property until Forest Hill comes up with a more suitable way to honor the fallen Rock N Roll legend. Itís really kind of a damned if you do and damned if you donít situation. Only a true fan would shell out money to be buried in Elvisí tomb, but an overwhelming majority of fans have too much respect for Elvis to take his tomb. So, for the time being, itíll remain empty.
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