Fred Willard Completes 2-Week Lewd Conduct Class

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Fred Willard is now an expert in lewd conduct laws and more importantly, no longer facing any charges related to the penis-exposing incident. The actor was arrested back in July for allegedly flashing his Willard during a showing of an adult movie in Hollywood. He vehemently claimed his innocence following the bust, but after the state offered him a deal, he decided to comply to make the situation go away.

As per his agreement with prosecutors, the Best In Show star took a two-week class on the ins and outs of lewd conduct law in the city of Los Angeles, and he recently passed with flying colors. TMZ caught up with him yesterday, and Fred compared his punishment to traffic school, saying it was handled without any trouble and is now behind him.

I donít know what the hell actually happened inside that theater, but Iím glad itís over and done with now. It wound up costing Willard his job with PBS and wasted dozens of hours he could have been doing anything else productive. Hereís to hoping the poor guy now has the Internet in his house and wonít feel the need to attend any adult screenings in the future. Most people may have laughed off the first incident, but if it happens again, heíll have to go to rehab or something equally stupid to will temporarily inhibit his ability to be publically hilarious.
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