George Zimmerman Hit With Divorce Papers

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Every marriage might have its own eccentricities, but more often than not, divorces happen for the same handful of reasons. Whether itís money problems, cheating scandals, drug and/ or alcohol concerns or time issues, there isnít a whole lot lawyers and judges havenít worked with before, but this might be one of those random, wholly unique cases. Beset by months of appearing on the covers of newspapers and the stress of receiving an untold number of death threats, George and Shellie Zimmerman have decided to go their separate ways.

According to ABC News, Shellie officially filed a divorce petition earlier this week. In it, she listed August 13th as the coupleís separation date and claimed the relationship is ďirretrievably broken.Ē If all goes according to plan, she would like the assets and debts to be split evenly and for the coupleís two dogs, Oso and Leroy, to remain with her. Zimmerman hasnít official responded to the filing, but one would imagine heíll be okay with equally distributing the assets. As for giving up possession of the dogs, however, he may well have something to say about that.

The Zimmermanís were married back in 2007, but by early 2012, they were having serious problems, so much so that Shellie left to stay with her sister on February 26. Unfortunately, with his wife gone that night, George decided to parole his gated community. He now infamously ran into Trayvon Martin, a confrontation ensued and the seventeen-year-old wound up dead. The case polarized the entire country, led to the aforementioned death threats and a lengthy trial that ended in Zimmermanís acquittal. Shellie was also put on trial for lying to police about the state of the coupleís finances as related to bail, and she was found guilty and sentenced to community service and probation.

Itís easy to see why the stress of the past year and a half pushed the coupleís relationship over the edge. No doubt even many healthy relationships would wilt under such pressure. Regardless, Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the Zimmermanís as they go their separate ways.
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