Hillary Clinton dodged a bit of a bullet on Sunday when she was taken to the hospital to treat a blood clot. The clot was found in a vein behind her right ear, a vein planted between the Secretary of State’s skull and brain that was far more serious than initial reports appeared. Doctors confirmed on Monday that the clot did not result in an serious damage to the woman’s neurological endings and she is expected to fully recover.

Just a couple of days ago, Clinton was induced into the hospital after a blood clot was found during a routine follow-up just a few weeks after Clinton suffered from a concussion. At the time, Clinton was given anti-coagulants and was asked to stay in the hospital to be monitored.

The 65-year-old is still being watched, but The NY Times is reporting she will be released as soon as the doctors can figure out exactly what drug remedy will best suit her needs. It’s lucky her clot was caught when it was, as a clot of that type can lead to a hemorrhage in the brain. Needless to say, it’s looking like Clinton will not be back to work sometime this week, as was expected prior to this new medical update. As always, we send out our sympathy and warm wishes for the Secretary of State, who has certainly had a trying month. Let’s hope she is back on her feet and avoids any other health scares in the near future.



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