Honey Boo Boo’s redneck cousin Crazy Tony Lindsey is out of jail and back to his normal routine. Unfortunately, he’s still missing his prized gorilla suit, and at this rate, it’s unclear whether the authorities will ever be kind enough to give the big bundle of fuzzy joy back.

Lindsey was arrested along with four other adults last month after they allegedly used the gorilla suit to scare drivers into swerving their cars into the other lane. One of those drivers turned out to be a very pissed off police officer. He pulled over, chased the five adults and two children into the woods, booked those of legal age on a charge of reckless conduct and most disappointingly of all for Lindsey, confiscated the gorilla suit.

According to TMZ, authorities are planning to keep the costume until all of the legal proceedings are over, which isn’t sitting too well with Lindsey at all. He thinks their stance is unfair and wrong, and he’d like for them to take a step back and remember what actually happened here.
”They're treating me like I killed somebody!"

Considering police do a lot more to murderers than take their favorite pranking device, I’m going to go ahead and call his comment an exaggeration. That being said, if Crazy Tony and his buddies have already admitted to the crime they’re charged with, I don’t see the harm in letting them have their damn costume back with a warning to stay the hell away from roads.



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