Fans are likely still reeling over yesterday’s news that Tim Lambesis, frontman for the metalcore Christian group As I Lay Dying, was arrested after attempting to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife. After the police caught wind of this plot in San Diego, authorities sent in undercover cops in order to get Lambesis’ plot on the record. Today, court papers filed by Lambesis’s ex have shed a little light on the situation.

Clearly, Lambesis has changed over the years. He’s gone from a scrawny youngster to a brawny, tattoo-covered 32-year-old whom his wife, Meggan Lambesis, describes as “obsessed” with working out. While he had been making himself available to spend time with the couple’s three adopted kids for a few hours every week, Meggan wrote in court papers found by the AP that he spent a lot of time on his phone and even fell asleep on the beach while watching the kids, once. All of these signs don’t point to stable parenting, and the couple had agreed to meet in mediation to talk about custody issues.

None of this explains Lambesis’ frame of mind when he reportedly decided killing his ex was the best option. Sure, things don’t seem to have been going so well with his family situation, but that doesn’t excuse or explain the step it took to go from angry to wanting someone killed. Clearly, anger and desolation can cause people to think without clarity and hopefully after the singer gets some time to cool down, he’ll be able to figure out whatever mental problems he was having and move forward.

Lambesis is expected to be arraigned sometime today, and we’ll keep you updated as more details from the case are fleshed out.




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