Since January 1st, twenty-three residents of Fort Lee, New Jersey have been hit by cars as they texted or talked on their cell phones. Three of the unfortunate souls died, and the rest either suffered minor injuries or embarrassment. Alarmed, the police chief Thomas Ripoli decided his department needed to begin taking a stand.

According to CBS, their first response was to print out pamphlets, but since almost no one ever reads pamphlets, the effort was a failure. As such, Ripoli and his officers have decided to start being more aggressive. From this point forward, all pedestrians who carelessly walk through lights or crossways while texting or talking on their phone will be slapped with an eighty-five dollar fine and a summons to appear in court. Those who behave responsibly on their phones and look before entering the street will receive no penalties.

There are few things more annoying to a driver than watching some idiot barrel through the street without ever even glancing up. It’s dangerous, selfish and beyond frustrating. I would definitely be opposed to a law that forbid citizens from talking on their cell phones while walking but I’m all for ticketing those who do it stupidly and irresponsibly.

Since it’s Monday, here’s a look at some guy almost running into a bear while texting…



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