Sometimes the best endings aren’t fairy tale conclusions but instead real life climaxes with baggage and imperfections. Pop star/ actress/ reality star Jessica Simpson decided to hold off on getting married to fiancé Eric Johnson until after the baby came so she could have a standard, intricately planned wedding, but with her father’s gay scandal, her new pregnancy and the rigors of raising young Maxwell, she’s reportedly now more interested in moving forward and getting it done with.

According to Radar Online, Simpson is eyeing February or March as possible months for a wedding date. She’s reportedly excited about tying the knot before the new baby comes, which would give her between six and seven months to both plan and execute the big day. If she doesn’t have a ton of people, that should be enough time. Plus, since she has more resources than the average person, you would think companies would be more willing to make time.

Simpson might be ready to compromise and have less than a thousand person, two-years-in-the-planning ceremony, but it’s hard to imagine she’ll just slop something together. She’s very into fashion and party planning, and given that, she knows a thing or two about public appearances. Here’s to hoping she’s able to find the perfect balance between a few details she’s always dreamed of and the practicalities her current situation calls for.



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