Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is engaged to be married. The forty-four-year-old was vacationing with his girlfriend Molly McNearney at South Africa’s Kruger National Park when he asked her the question of all questions. She said yes, and now, the two have a wedding to plan.

The thirty-four-year-old McNearney is a long-time writer on her soon-to-be husband’s late night show. In recent years, she’s been the co-head writer and reportedly is one of the main voices in shaping Kimmel’s professional, yet goofy tone. Here’s what a source close to the couple told People
”After Jimmy and Sarah broke up, Molly and Jimmy both found themselves single, and they clicked. They're really happy together."

The Sarah in question, of course, is Sarah Silverman, Kimmel’s former longtime comedienne girlfriend. Given his engagement to McNearney, it’s clear Jimmy prefers his women funny, smart and clever, which seems like a great way to hone one’s wit.

Thus far, Jimmy’s publicist hasn’t been willing to offer any details in the way of specifics on the proposal or potential wedding dates, but that information will likely filter out over the next few months. Kimmel might not be a big enough star to get followed to the florist or the cake-tasting place, but he certainly is too famous to completely slide a wedding under everyone’s noses.

We’ll keep you updated as details become available. Until then, our sincerest congratulations go out to Kimmel and McNearney as they prepare to formalize their relationship.




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