John Lennon's Former House Is On The Market

By Jessica Grabert 2012-08-15 20:51:18
Way before John Lennon ever thought about leaving Cynthia Lennon for Yoko Ono, the beautiful couple bought a nice place in Surrey, where they could live and record happily. Over the years, the house has gone up for sale on several occasions, and now it is ready to be sold once more; however, this time the owner is asking for a whole lot more money for the former Beatlesí pad.

Not that the mansion isnít nice. On the contrary, the property sits on 1.5 acres, and boasts a garden, an ample study, and even the attic where Lennon used to record, among other, more basic rooms. Itís location and grandeur is enough to make the house worth millions and millions of dollars, but Iím not sure its enough to explain the cost jump from the £5.8 million the estate was sold for in 2007 and the £15 million the real estate company Knight Frank is trying to pawn the house off for, now (For those Americans who donít have a converter ready, thatís a change from $9 million to roughly $23 million).

Granted, itís a beautiful house, and NME is reporting the location was actually where Lennon is rumored to have written many of the tracks for The Beatlesí acclaimed album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band; so, if there is a wealthy Beatles aficionado out there, he or she might be willing to shell out to snap the property up. If not, Iím guessing the price will come down a wee bit, beautiful gardens or no. Now, if some of Lennonís equipment was still up in that attic, we might be talking bigger numbersÖ
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