It was a mixed bag in court today for Chris Brown. The hit musician was on hand to fight the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s request to revoke his probation, and while he lost that particular fight, his attorney was able to convince the judge to keep his client out of jail until the actual probation violation hearing, which won’t happen until August.

That legal wrangling might sound strange since Brown hasn’t actually been convicted of another crime, but there’s apparently a whole lot of elements that go into deciding whether or not to revoke someone’s probation. I’ll flip it over to CB Legal Expert Brent Randall to explain what happened and why…
Clearly, judges are afforded the ability to exercise discretion in deciding whether to revoke someone's probation. It would appear that in this case, Judge Brandlin was not only taking into account the alleged hit & run, but also his alleged failure to complete his community service (which would violate his probation as well). While Mr. Brown's probation has been revoked, practically speaking, by setting the probation violation hearing for August, and releasing Mr. Brown on his own recognizance, he remains under very similar circumstances. The recognizance is Mr. Brown's way of acknowledging he still owes a debt to society through his past crime, and in a way, acts as his own self-imposed (but court-ordered) probation. All this is to say that Judge Brandlin's decision was slightly strange, but may really serve as a warning to Mr. Brown that the allegations are adding up and that he will be ultimately judged in August.

The probation itself traces its way all the way back to the much-discussed incident of domestic violence with Rihanna, but the violation that supposedly occurred goes back to the aforementioned hit & run. Brown was out driving with on-again-off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran back in May when he got into a very minor accident. He stopped immediately, got out of the car and exchanged insurance information (even though there was no damage), but after the police arrived, the victim allegedly told authorities Brown refused to show his license and gave her invalid insurance information. He’s since denied those claims vigorously, but that hasn’t stopped the D.A. from attacking this case aggressively, despite the fact that the woman whose car was hit doesn’t want Brown to go to jail. According to TMZ, she’s been really vocal about it too, even sending her own lawyer to try and help Brown in court today.

Ordinarily, I’m not exactly Brown’s biggest defender. He’s made more than his share of mistakes in his life, but it seems to me that if he doesn’t want to go to jail and the victim doesn’t want him to go to jail, then the police would be better off just letting this matter go. After all, this whole thing traces its way back to a car accident that didn’t cause any injuries or any discernable property damage. It was less than a fender bender, and yet, if he winds up losing his probation violation hearing, he could go to jail for four years. Four years!

Here’s a look at what Brown sent out via his Twitter account earlier today…

It’s unlikely there will be much movement on this case until the hearing in August, but if anything does come up, we’ll be sure to bring you the new details. Until then, here’s to hoping the judge is able to find the right type of justice to suit everyone’s needs.



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