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Chris Brown "Turn Up the Music" Music Video

Chris Brown is, once again, in trouble. As it is being reported, the R&B musician is battling claims from a woman, called Jane Doe in the case in order to protect her privacy, who says she was sexually assaulted numerous times by a friend of the musician during a party Chris Brown' house. The suit was filed on Wednesday by Gloria Allred, the woman's lawyer, who says Jane Doe was held against her will and violated in the Los Angeles residency in February of 2017. Jane Doe is also suing a woman she claims forced her into the sexual act at a party. Here's what we know so far about the allegations.

The New York Times reported on the case. In addition to the names listed above, Jane Doe and Gloria Allred have listed fifty other people as defendants. They are all unnamed at this time, partly because Jane Doe does not know their names. In the case, there are charges of battery, sexual battery, assault, gender violence and civil rights violations, among other claims made. Allred says her client is "severely traumatized" by this ordeal. The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the episode, and it has been forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office for evaluation. Meanwhile, according to Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, Allred was asking Chris Brown for $17 million before filing the case on Wednesday, which Geragos rejected on his client's behalf.

As it was reported in the case, Jane Doe was invited to an after-party at a recording studio, where she was expected to meet Chris Brown, along with the other rapper involved in this case. It was in the early hours of February 24th, which followed a concert in the Los Angeles area. Her phone was taken when she arrived, Doe claims, because Brown didn't want phones to be inside the studio. When she was asked to receive her phone back, she was refused that request. During the party, Doe was taken to an upper floor room where she was lead to believe she would receive her phone again. It was in this room, along with others located inside the house, where Doe claims she was assaulted. She does not claim, however, that Chris Brown was involved in the alleged attack. Nevertheless, this is a deeply troubling story and case.

During a news conference, Gloria Allred said Jane Doe's story was "one of the most horrific cases involving alleged sexual assaults that I have ever seen." According to Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos, his clients mantains "investigation shows that none of these allegations are true." Geragos also goes on to say that Chris Brown may be specifically targeted in this recently-filed suit.

Gloria Allred denies Mark Geragos allegations that she demanded $17 million from the controversial musician. Allred goes as far as to say that she has "never made a demand for any compensation whatsoever." Be sure to check back with CinemaBlend for updates.