Over the past half decade or so, Justin Timberlake has emerged as an in-demand actor with plenty of potential. With that aspect of his career soaring and his recent marriage to Jessica Biel demanding he not work twenty hours a day, many fans have begun wondering whether the former N’Sync member is done with music entirely. Turns out he’s not.

The frequent Saturday Night Live guest released an artsy black-and-white video earlier today in which he talks about his intense love for music and makes it clear he’s ready to return in a big way. You can take a look at the clip in question below…

In addition to the above clip, Timberlake’s website also posted a countdown this morning. It’s scheduled to end on Sunday and many are speculating the musician may release his first single in a long time when the clock runs out. At this point, however, that’s just speculation. We could well be getting a music video, an album, the name of an album, a series of tour dates or something else entirely.

I have no idea what Timberlake is best at. He has a ton of skills, but since he did get famous through music initially, it makes sense that he’s returning to the well. Hopefully, whatever it is he releases this time will be as well received as his last album, FutureSex/LoveSounds. We’ll keep you updated.

Until then, here’s “Sexyback”, if for not other reason than it’s awesome…



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