More details are starting to emerge about how North Korean Super Commander Kim Jong Il died, and if they’re to be believed, it was a fitting end for a man prone to anger and overreactions. Rumor has it he was in the middle of a briefing about his pet project, the hydro-electric dam in Huichon, when his advisors informed him of a newly discovered leak that would set construction back. Angered, he reportedly yelled at the advisors and boarded a train to confront the scientists himself when he suffered a heart attack and died.

According to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, the deceased leader’s successor Kim Jong-un didn’t attend the completion ceremony for the dam earlier this year because of the role the leak played in his father’s death. It was miraculously completed seven years ahead of schedule, though some worry the frantic pace of construction may have led to decreases in quality and safety.

The exact specifics behind Kim Jong Il’s death will likely never be known with any certainty. The North Koreans tend to be very secretive about such matters. For example: there are many who believe the leader never even got onto the train he supposedly died inside since he was known to wake late and satellite photographs indicate the locomotive may have only left the station briefly or not at all. This latest story, however, seems like a believable explanation of the facts.

Here’s to hoping North Korea gets on better terms with the world under Kim Jong-un.



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