Lakers Fire Coach Mike Brown Just 5 Games Into Season

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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The Los Angeles Lakers arenít an organization that handles failure very well, but even so, executives typically give problems a few months to correct themselves. Not this time. After losing four of the teamís first five games, general manager Mitch Kupchak fired head coach Mike Brown this morning.

Given the horrendous start, rumors have been circulating that the team would need to show improvement during the upcoming six-game home stand in order to solidify Brownís job. In the end, he wasnít even given that chance. According to ESPN, heíll be replaced by assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff immediately until a long-term decision can be made.

As with any interim head coach, itís technically possible Bickerstaff could be chosen as the permanent guy, but with the high expectations of the organization and the number of experienced, high profile coaches out there, itís unlikely heíll actually get the job. We should have a more definite idea of where this is headed within the next few days, but for now, itís unclear whether the powers that be even have a plan.

With Kobe Bryant talking of retirement in two years, Steve Nash nearing 40 and Dwight Howardís contract up after this season, the window for this Lakersí team is quickly closing. Firing a coach five games into the season is panicky and amateurish, but given the circumstances, it may have actually been the right play.

If youíre a Lakers fan, hope to hell this works out. If youíre not, appreciate this rare chance to watch the powerful organization look like buffoons.
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