Loss Of Guardianship Could Cost Katherine Jackson Lots Of Money

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-26 12:45:11
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Earlier this week, Michael Jacksonís mother Katherine was temporarily stripped of her guardianship over the late singerís three children. In the coming weeks, she could well lose her sway over the kids permanently, and if that happens, she stands to lose a lot of money. MJís will reportedly specifies that whoever looks after the children is given seventy thousand dollars a month to take care of them. As guardian, Katherine had control over that money, but with Titoís son TJ now in charge after her bizarre absence, the money will go to him.

According to TMZ, the guardianship determination is now in a judgeís hands. Given Katherine recently said she willingly went more than a week without contacting Paris, Prince or Blanket, the case isnít exactly looking great for her. The eighty-two-year-oldís own lawyer recently told the court she thinks her client was held apart from the children against her will, but thus far, the matriarch is sticking to her claim that it was a voluntary absence.

Whatever the hell is going on with the Jackson family members right now seems to be directly related to money. Some of MJĒs siblings have already announced plans to challenge his will, and it was in the midst of those proceedings that Katherine went missing. Tito has already publically announced he wants no part in the feud anymore, and several of his siblings are reportedly saying privately they feel the same way. None of this will end well, but then again, considering the familyís past, we probably shouldnít have expected it to.
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