Alpha Lorezno Walker was hoping to finance a new life with five million dollars of Stevie Wonder’s money. Unfortunately for him, his plan went awry, and now he and his girlfriend are sitting in jail without the money to finance their own releases.

Walker reportedly showed up in Wonder’s life claiming to be the byproduct of an incestuous relationship between the singer and his sister. According to TMZ, the extortionist demanded five million dollars to keep the story out of the papers. When Wonder refused, he lowered his offer over-and-over until his price stood at a measly ten thousand dollars. Wonder agreed to that demand, then quickly phoned police and set up a sting operation.

Undercover officers met with Walker and gave him the cash in exchange for his signature on a document that said the allegations he made against Wonder were false. Of course, not long after signing on the line, Walker was arrested for admitting to his crime in writing. Prosecutors will use the trump card against him in court, meaning more than likely, jail time will come of this.

I have no idea why someone would want to extort Stevie Wonder, but such behavior feels wrong on a lot of different levels. He’s written too many wonderful songs to have to worry about false incest allegations, though, if he wrote one more about this bizarre situation, I doubt any of us would complain. Signed, sealed, delivered, the extortionist is yours.



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