Following the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, radio stations have begun reexamining their musical choices, and no song has been affected more by this push toward sensitivity than Ke$ha’s “Die Young”. Airplay of the pop hit fell by more than ten percent over the weekend, and it could continue plummeting further in the days to come.

According to TMZ, “Die Young” reached an audience of 167 million people on the day of the tragedy. Yesterday, that figure was down to 148 million, which might not sound like a lot but is the biggest single drop off since the Dixie Chicks got banned from many radio stations following their feud with then President George W Bush.

Obviously, Ke$ha didn’t do anything wrong here, but it’s easy to see why many DJs wouldn’t be overly excited about spinning her track in the wake of the massacre. Airplay wouldn’t really be insensitive for the victims, but it probably would agitate many listeners who wouldn’t be in the mood for such lyrics.

Ke$ha hasn’t released a public comment about her feelings on the dropoff, and one would imagine she won’t either. In the grand scheme of things, the success or failure of her song isn’t really important when compared against the number of lives lost. Consequently, she would just look insensitive by complaining or acting overly bothered.

Pop Blend’s thoughts once again go out to all those affected by the Newtown tragedy.



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