Mario Lopez Is Hoping His Wife Gives Birth To A Boy

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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An overwhelming majority of celebrities expecting children donít specify which sex theyíd rather have. They donít want to put their feelings on record in case they wind up with the other, but apparently, Mario Lopez isnít a member of that cautious pack. The affable X Factor host, whose wife, Courtney Mazza, is currently pregnant with the coupleís second child, has his fingers crossed that heíll have a son, and he doesnít care who knows it.

Hereís what he told US Magazine on the red carpet of the National Hispanic Media Coalitionís 16th annual Impact Awards Gala at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles.
ĒI already have a girl, so if we have a boy that would be nice. But I won't be disappointed if we don't."

Mazza is due at the end of the summer; so, if she and Lopez wanted to find out the sex of the baby, they could do it with some certainty. They donít want to though. Theyíre planning to keep it old school by keeping the sex a secret until the big day. That might create some last minute scrambling and some surprising reveals to family members, but itíll also add some suspense to the big delivery.

Regardless of whether young Gia winds up with a brother or a sister, the family will no doubt adjust and be happier for it. Hereís to hoping Mazza and Lopez are able to balance their time and resources in order to prosper in both their personal lives and their careers.
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