Mary Poppins Style: Watch This Dude Try To Skydive With An Umbrella

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Remember the scene in Mary Poppins in which the greatest nanny of all-time floats down from the heavens like a no-nonsense daredevil sent to right the ship? Of course you do. Most of us watched that movie way too many times as a child, and most of us even tried to recreate that famous scene by jumping off a couch with our momís favorite umbrella.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of us lost our desires to float down from the heavens as we grew older, but extreme athlete Erik Roner did not. He never stopped dreaming about trying to pull off the feat. So, recently, he procured a hot air balloon, attached a GoPro camera to his head and jumped from the sky with an umbrella. You can watch his crazy/ awesome attempt belowÖ

That clip might seem like a total failure to you, but as an optimist, let me try to steer you back into the light. The real failure here was the umbrella. Before it exploded, it actually cut thought the wind and allowed him to float, meaning if someone is able to build a more sturdy umbrella, Roner could actually get his Mary Poppins on. Fingers crossed that will work out someday.

But until then, thereís always the magic of film. You can take a watch at the original clip belowÖ

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