Members Of 98 Degrees Reunite On Today

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Thanks to the incredible popularity of contemporaries N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, itís easy to forget just how successful 98 Degrees was during the late Ď90s and early Ď00s. The boy band moved more than ten million records, had eight top forty hits and received regular airplay on MTV until a hiatus in 2002 somehow turned into a more than decade long separation.

That hiatus officially ended this morning with an appearance on Today. The re-energized man band hit up the morning talker, supposedly as a way for the guys to gauge whether they wanted to give it another go, and spoiler alert: performing in front of audiences is apparently still fun. More concerts and a new album will supposedly follow in the coming months and years, but until then, hereís part of this morningís performance to hold you overÖ

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The simple choreography might seem slightly dated, but thatís actually part of the groupís charm. No one really sounds like this anymore, and with a fanbase numbering in the millions already secured more than a decade ago, there doesnít seem to be any reason why 98 Degrees wonít be at least moderately successful moving forward.

If youíre unwilling to wait to catch a performance until the full tour begins sometime in the future, Nick, Drew, Jeff and Justin will be singing at the Mixtape Fest in Hershey, PA this weekend.
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