Music Mogul Suge Knight Busted For Outstanding Warrant

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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There are few things more annoying than dealing with traffic-related brushes with the law. Showing up to court and/ or writing a check over a supposedly unsafe lane change or red light camera infraction is a very specific kind of hell, but those problems still have to be taken care because the alternative is so much worse. Just ask Suge Knight. He was pulled over on a misdemeanor traffic violation early this morning, but because of an outstanding warrant, the situation went from being a slap on the wrist to a full-on arrest.

The Los Angeles Police Department hasnít spoken on the record as to what Knightís outstanding warrant was about, but TMZ claims the music mogul no-showed an appearance related to a driving with a suspended license court date. If so, thatís an incredibly boring reason to get busted and yet another example of why he should get better about cleaning up his driving issues quickly.

Knight is no stranger to brushes with the law and blown off court dates. Over the years, heís had more than a few of those issues. In fact, he even spent some time in jail. As such, people likely wonít be shocked by his arrest, but that doesnít mean itís not still disappointing. For all his eccentricities, Knight has a great business mind. He built Death Row Records up from nothing to become one of the most famous labels in the world, and in recent years, heís expanded to managing various acts. Thatís the type of thing he belongs doingónot making phone calls to try and put together bail money.

Early this morning, Knight posted his $20,000 bail. In the coming weeks, heíll be expected to return to court. For the sake of his own time and money in the future, I sincerely hope he follows through this time.
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