My Fair Wedding Host Locked In Vicious Divorce Battle

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Hollywood is just as famous for its ugly splits as it is for its whirlwind romances. Over the years, itís seen some of the ugliest, pettiest divorces imaginable. Now, thanks to the efforts of My Fair Wedding host David Tutera and his ex-longtime partner Ryan Jurica, another all-time classic might be added to that sordid list of vicious break-ups.

According to US Magazine, Juricaís divorce filings accuse Tutera of suffering from an intense sex addiction that causes him to frequent sex escorts and prostitutes. Thatís a bold claim, and not surprisingly, Jurica has a slightly different take. Hereís a portion of his responseÖ
"The allegations against me are baseless and untrue and I will fight vigorously to defend my reputation in the court of law as well as the court of public opinion. I believe them to be fabrications of a desperate individual in order to gain a legal advantage in our separation."

There are two main reasons why Jurica and Tutera are fighting so vigorously: unborn twins set to be born via a surrogate later this year. Both men are reportedly hoping they get primary custody, and I guess they think slandering the otherís reputation will help facilitate that process. Maybe it will. Maybe it wonít. Either way, the whole process would be a hell of a lot less stressful if they would spend more time remembering all of the reasons why they fell in love in the first place.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out, not to Jurica or to Tutera but instead to the two unborn children. Hereís to hoping their parents get their acts together enough to get on the same page and work as a team by the time they officially enter the world. Childhood is too short to have to worry about your parents fighting all the time.
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