After a few years away from the spotlight, the lesser-known Simpson sister, Ashlee, has decided to give showbiz another shot. She’ll do so through the music business, where she has enjoyed some success with pop music in the past. If you’ve been keeping tabs, her upcoming fourth studio album is supposed to have a sort of “folksy” appeal. Although her first single “Bat for a Heart” is lacking in the folk department, there’s plenty of appeal in the sex department.

While I will say that Simpson looks great for a mom, seeing her sensually climb all over a couch in a nightgown and other costumes that can loosely be termed as clothing is not exactly my favorite way to spend three and a half minutes. The silly posturing and black and white footage could all be forgiven if “Bat for a Heart” was a quality pop song. However, I’m not sure there’s anything more telling than the lyrics for this song, which include lines like, “I’m gonna bang bang, fuck you up.” The song really needed a great video to amp up the actual music, and this isn’t it.

So, it’s not the best track we’ve heard this month, or even the best track that we’ve gotten from Simpson, but I guess we have to give the singer some credit. It’s tough to get back into the business after taking nearly five years off to pursue a marriage (failed), a CW show (written off), and a Broadway production of Chicago (made it 8 weeks). “Bat for a Heart” is Simpson's first venture back into music in a long while, and hopefully her stuff in the future will have a little more finesse and polish, or at least a little more musical interest.



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