Paris Jackson Could Go Live With Mother Debbie Rowe

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Last week, a California judge ordered an investigator in the probate court to look into Paris Jacksonís home life. Thatís not unheard of following a suicide attempt, but given the fifteen-year-old is well-clothed, well-fed and well-sheltered, most observers assumed she would go home to the live with her grandmother Katherine once again. If new rumors are to be believed, however, thereís now another very real scenario that could happen.

According to TMZ, Parisí biological mother, Debbie Rowe, who she recently established a relationship with, isnít pushing for custody of her daughter, but if she was asked by the court, she would not turn down the request. At this point, itís unclear whether the judge will take that step, but there are whispers that Paris might prefer such an arrangement. Apparently, sheís been a little disappointed at how out-of-touch Katherine has been in her life. She could flourish with a parent who is a little more hands on, younger, involved and accepting.

With Michael gone, thereís really no perfect situation for Paris to be in right now. Living with her mother would cause her to be separated from her other siblings, but living back at the house with Katherine would simply put her right back in the same boat she was so unhappy with before. Moving forward, hopefully, sheíll be able to figure out how to spend time with everyone and make herself happy in the process.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the Jackson family during this time of need. Hereís to hoping all involved figure out the custody agreement thatís in everyoneís best interests.
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