The author of a new book on the Osama bin Laden raid says he made every effort not to include any sensitive government information that could potentially risk the lives of American military personnel, but apparently, that reassurance isn’t enough to smooth the former Navy Seal’s breach in etiquette over with the government. The Pentagon announced today that if the autobiography, No Easy Day, is published, the government will consider using any and all legal options to go after the man behind the “Mark Owen” pseudonym for violating two separate non-disclosure agreements he signed while in the military and the publisher for helping him break such agreements.

Many former service members have written books before. Depending on the subject matter, the government is sometimes okay with this, but it usually prefers plenty of advanced notice in order to hold meetings to decide what, if any, information is classified. “Mark Owen” didn’t do that. He sort of blindsided everyone with the book and never offered the government a copy.

According to The New York Daily News, the book has already caused some problems for the author outside of America, as well. The author’s real name and picture have supposedly been disseminated informing people he was one of the men who shot bin Laden.

If “Owen” decides to move forward with the publication of his book, it seems very likely he’ll be hit with a lawsuit. If he decides to pull the plug, it seems very likely his publisher will be furious over the wasted money. Here’s to hoping a compromise that will satisfy all can be reached.



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