Record Industry Legend Clive Davis Talks Bisexuality In New Memoir

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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During a career in the music business that lasted more than fifty years, Clive Davis spent an inordinate amount of time with the biggest hitmakers of the past few generations. If the musician had an extended run in the music business, chances are Clive has a good personal story about the artist, which is why itís strangely fitting that the record executiveís new memoir is attracting the most attention for the stories about its authorís relationship with an unnamed and unfamous doctor.

Throughout his life, Davis has mostly shied away from talking about his personal life and more specifically, his love life. The eighty-year-old was married on two separate occasions, but apparently, for much of the past two decades, he was in a serious relationship with another man. According to Rolling Stone, Davis and the mystery MD dated from 1990 to 2004. For awhile, the life choice reportedly caused major friction with one of Davisí children, but eventually, father and son were able to mend the fence and get back on the same page.

In the book, entitled The Soundtrack Of My Life, Davis refers to himself as a bisexual and says he didnít have his first homosexual experience until the 1970s. That encounter led to the end of his second marriage and paved the way for five more relationships, two with women and three with men including the one with the doctor and the one heís currently in with a random guy.

Luckily for fans less interested in who Davis goes to bed with, The Soundtrack Of My Life is also filled with a slew of stories about famous musicians including Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and Bob Dylan.
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