Following Scott Evans’ recent arrest for trying to purchase cocaine for an undercover police officer, it seemed like the former One Life To Live star would try and fight the charges, but apparently, he’s decided to go in a different direction. Evans, probably best known as the brother of actor Chris Evans, and his attorney recently negotiated a deal with prosecutors to drop the charges in exchange for regularly attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

According to TMZ, Evans must go to sixty meetings within the next six months. If he accomplishes that and manages to not get arrested, the buying cocaine from an undercover cop situation will simply vanish. Considering there are Narcotics Anonymous meetings practically every night in major cities, knocking his quota off shouldn’t be very difficult. In fact, he’s reportedly attended a few already.

Going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings might not guarantee someone stays off drugs, but the regularity of such activities can serve as a good accountability system. Hopefully, Evans will use it as such and not simply go through the motions in order to keep himself out of jail.

There’s no way to know whether Evans had a serious cocaine addiction or got busted just randomly trying to do cocaine, but since snorting anything isn’t really a great life call, this punishment is far from the worst thing in the world. Here’s to hoping he takes the lesson to heart and moves forward in a positive direction.



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