Son Of Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Found Dead Of Suspected Overdose

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Scott Ashley Sterling, the troubled son of troubled Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was found dead inside his Malibu, California home yesterday during a welfare check. Authorities are conducting a full investigation into what happened, but as of now, theyíre working off the theory that an accidental drug overdose ended the thirty-two-year-oldís life.

According to ESPN, the younger Sterling is probably best known for a a strange, near fatal incident that occurred in 1999. The then nineteen-year-old got into an argument with his buddy, Philip Scheid, and wound up shooting him in the back. Sterling told police his friend came at him with a knife, but after a length investigation, authorities didnít know what happened with enough certainty to charge either party with any wrongdoing, especially since they both had credibility problems.

Details on what drug Scott may have been using or how large his problem may have been havenít been divulged by the police, but we do know the welfare check was conducted after a friend told police he hadnít heard from him in a few days.

Regardless of the how the specifics play out in this case, Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Sterling family. Donald hasnít exactly been the most beloved owner in the league during his entire tenure, but over the past few years, heís taken real strides to spend more money and be competitive. That attitude change has shown itself in the teamís record this season, and itís a real shame Scott wonít be around to see where the team goes from here.
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