When most professional athletes get older, they hem and haw after every season as to whether or not they’d like to return for another go around. Thanks to Steve Nash’s vicious, ongoing battle with his ex-wife, however, the former NBA MVP doesn’t have that luxury.

According to TMZ, Nash took the stand this morning to answer questions about whether his ex-wife and his children should be allowed to move to California, and during the exchange, he was asked if he’s going to hang up his laces this summer. Let the record show he is not. In fact, the lease he signed in lovely Manhattan Beach, California lasts more than one year, which would seem to indicate the thirty-nine-year-old is planning to play out the final two years on his contract, though for his sake, I hope they go far better than this disaster of a season.

The crux of Nash’s legal battle with the ex basically boils down to child support. The point guard paid his wife millions of dollars when they initially divorced, and as such, she doesn’t receive any monthly child support in Arizona where the agreement was signed. California, however, is a far more liberal place, and courts tend to order child support judgments that are far higher. Nash thinks any change of location would merely be a way to get more money, but if his ex-wife is to be believed, she simply wants the kids to be close to their father for the next few years.

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