Avoiding obnoxious members of the general public while reporting live on the street is a difficult task for reporters. Doing so during strange hours on a street filled with bars is damn near impossible, especially in New Orleans. Luckily for this reporter, she was used to the shenanigans by the time a drunk lady tried to videobomb the news segment.

Rather than responding with an over-the-top rant or politely asking the woman to leave, the reporter decided to abruptly turn the tables and pretend she was doing a segment on living with STDs in New Orleans. Not surprisingly, the chick who was once pumped about being on the news quickly decided going on her way was probably the best possible policy.

Take a look at the awkward and amusing segment below…

There’s something strangely brilliant about this plan. By turning the videobomber from a menace into a welcomed guest and bringing up something awkward, it pushes the person into a rather uncomfortable position. I bet it would work exactly like this an overwhelming majority of the time, at least provided the videobomber in question doesn’t actually have STDs and is a very talkative mood.

Expect dozens more gloriously uncomfortable television moments between now and the end of the Super Bowl in New Orleans.



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