Tim Duncan’s twelve-year-marriage to his wife Amy is about to come to an end, but if the NBA star has it his way, that end won’t come for another month or so. Right now, the San Antonio Spurs are playing in the Western Conference Finals. Ideally, they’ll continue on to the NBA Finals after that, which is a bit of a problem since this whole divorce thing is also supposed to be hammered out along the same time frame.

According to TMZ, Duncan’s attorneys just filed a legal motion asking everything be put on hold until the Spurs are eliminated from the playoffs or win the title. After all, traveling to different cities, playing at night and consistently practicing don’t leave a ton of time for working out monetary and custody issues. Amy hasn’t yet responded to the motion, but given he’s asking for a month delay for a completely logical reason and not pulling a Kris Humphries, it’s hard to imagine she’ll have a big problem with it.

Amy and Tim have two small children and a prenuptial agreement. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of bad blood between the two; so, at this point, there’s no reason to think this will get nasty. After all, Tim’s own attorney reportedly already told the judge he expects the estranged spouses will come to an agreement on their own when it comes to child support.

We’ll keep you updated as this case works its way through the divorce court. Until then, feel free to use this case as a reason to sympathize with or root against Duncan during the playoffs.



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