After just a few days of exhaustive negotiations, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have settled their divorce, and not surprisingly, what they came up with is supposedly hyper-specific. Rather than money, most of the squabbling reportedly centered around custody of daughter Suri, and while the specifics haven’t been made public, sources close to the situation are opening up and all seem to be telling the same basic story.

According to TMZ, Katie is set to receive primary custody of Suri. The girl will live mostly with her actress mother in New York City but also receive significant, unmonitored time with her famous father. In addition to the time breakdown, the agreement also reportedly outlines exactly what each parent is allowed to share with the girl concerning religion. Cruise is a well-known Scientologist, and early stories about the divorce all centered around Katie not wanting Suri to grow up in the Church’s shadow. If these reports are to be believed, she won’t get much religious teaching from her father, at least early on. As she gets older, some of the rigid parameters will allegedly be loosened, allowing her to understand what each parent believes and why.

If this is what was needed for both parties to move on quickly, I suppose I’m for it. It’s definitely weird for a parent not to be able to talk to his or her daughter about faith, but then again, this wasn’t a very ordinary relationship. I think the agreement sounds like it’s in the best interests of Suri, but some observers are up in arms that the child may be told what she can and cannot believe. What do you think? Do you approve of there being religious restrictions written into the divorce settlement? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should Religious Restrictions Have Been Included In The Settlement?

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