Tom Cruise Will Reportedly Pay Millions In Child Support

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís hard to say there are winners in a divorce, but if one had to be chosen in the Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes split, it would probably be the dude who wrote the prenup. In contentious break-ups, prenuptial agreements are almost always challenged, if for no other reason than to gain one more piece of leverage in settlement negotiations, but sources close to this ugly divorce have said from practically the moment she filed there was little hope in her getting any sort of big payday. All the language was supposedly rock solid, and if the newest reports are to be believed, it was even more aggressive than any of us may have realized.

According to TMZ, Holmes isnít walking away with any money from the split. Sheíll carry with her exactly what she brought into the marriage, which, luckily for her, is more than enough to live off. Suri, on the other hand, will reportedly walk away with plenty. The final child support figures have not been released publically, but sources close to the negotiation are putting the figure at just shy of one million dollars a year for the next twelve years. That should be more than enough for Katie and Suri to get a place wherever theyíd like to live while maintaining all the comforts and levels of security the two have become accustomed to.

Holmes has long argued she didnít marry Cruise for his money. Considering the prenup she signed, that claim now seems completely believable.
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