Hector “Macho” Camacho’s life was filled with garish, inappropriate, over the top and strangely fascinating displays. It only makes sense the boxer’s wake would wind up being a spectacle too. The details of what happened are still a little fuzzy, but the basic story arc is not. Two women, one claiming to be Macho’s long-time girlfriend of twenty-five years and another claiming to be a recent girlfriend slugged it out right next to the body in full view of family members, friends and acquaintances.

According to ESPN, Cynthia Castillo, who claims to have been Macho’s girlfriend when he died, walked up to the open casket, kissed Camacho on the lips, got some food and went to sit down in the area reserved for family members. None of this sat well with Gloria Fernandez, who dated the fighter on and off for twenty-five years. After a brief argument between the women, Castillo’s plate of food was reportedly chucked and a full-on brawl ensued that had to be broken up by others in attendance.

At another ceremony, the melee may have looked out of place, but at this gymnasium in Puerto Rico, it wasn’t even the only altercation. Family member Jorge Lozada got into a shoving match with Wilfredo Vazquez after the former reportedly touched the latter’s wife. Like the altercation between the women, this struggle too was broken up. Not surprisingly, it didn’t attract nearly as many headlines.

Today, Camacho’s body was flown to New York for a second funeral and viewing to occur this weekend. Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to everyone touched by the beloved boxer’s loss.



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