Georgia police are searching for Chamique Holdsclaw after the WNBA legend allegedly got physical with and may have even tried to kill her ex-girlfriend. The scary domestic violence incident supposedly went down a little after noon on Tuesday in Atlanta. A warrant has been issued for the basketball player’s arrest, but exactly where she’s at right now is unclear.

According to TMZ, the ex in question is WNBA player Jennifer Lacy. She told police she was finishing up a workout when she noticed Holdsclaw. Feeling uneasy, she phoned a friend and tried to get out of there, but not long after, Holdsclaw supposedly approached with a baseball bat, broke all of the windows in the car and sent a bullet inside.

Holdsclaw has a long history of pretty strange behavior. Arguably one of the greatest female college basketball players in history, she soared to incredible heights in the WNBA too but battled depression, failed to show up to several games and shocked everyone by retiring at the age of thirty. She later returned for a few short stints with a couple teams, but at thirty-five, she’s once again out of basketball by choice.

With Holdsclaw still MIA, the only story out there is Lacy’s version of what happened. Whenever the accused makes her way to the police department, we should know a whole lot more, starting with whether she’ll contest the allegations. We’ll keep you updated. Until then, play nice with your ex’s. Trying to find retribution through violence only makes the mess a whole lot worse.



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