Hurricane Sandy may have brought an uneasy sense of panic with her, but luckily, she also brought a sense of humor. This morning, a newscaster in Washington DC was updating folks on the weather for what feels like the thousandth time when she spotted something very strange: a shirtless dude running down the street with a horse mask on.

The footage, of course, immediately went viral, and the mystery man was later dubbed “Hurricane Horse”. You can take a look at the absurd clip below…

Within hours of this hilarity, Sherlock Holmes-like Twitter users traced the hurricane horse back to Jimmy Kruyne. Prior to his appearance on the news, he sent out a tweet saying a news crew was around the block, and he was thinking about busting out his horse mask and having fun. A short time later, Kruyne hit up Instagram to verify his identity. Take a look at the hilarious image below…

More than 150,000 people have watched this dude run around without his shirt on today, and I bet he’s absolutely elated about it. In fact, I’m sure all of his friends will introduce him as the Hurricane Horse for months, maybe even years.

On a more serious note, Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to all those braving the very real weather at this hour. Be safe.

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