Almost three years ago, a father tied some string around his six-year-old daughter’s loose tooth, attached the other end to the family dog and gave the little girl a tennis ball to throw across the room. The wild scheme worked like a charm, and the footage was posted on YouTube.

For whatever reason, people just caught wind of this greatness over the past few days, and now the clip is racing around the Internet with the ferocity it has always deserved. Take a look at the video in question below…

There are few things people are less tolerant of than child abuse, but there are few things people love watching more than goofy fathers engage in stupid and humorous plans that could potentially land them a night or two on the couch. This tooth pulling scheme definitely falls on the right side of that distinction, and considering I’m pretty sure I can hear his wife’s voice in the background, it sounds like she gave her approval ahead of time. Plus, this really couldn’t have gone any better.

I wish this guy’s life was a reality show so someone could create a hilarious montage video of every time he excitedly told the story to one of his friends. It would probably be ten minutes long and feature a lot of eyerolls from his wife and daughters.



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