Watch This 7-Year-Old Lead Police On A Car Chase To Get Out Of Church

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Have you ever wanted to leave church early? Have you ever repeatedly flipped through the weekís bulletin during the service because you cannot get yourself to pay attention? Well, let the record show this kid feels your pain.

Only seven-years-old, the hero of this old news report decided he just couldnít take it anymore; so, he stole his fatherís car keys and headed for his house in the old manís vehicle, all in the name of missing church. After a fellow driver spotted him and called police, the little kid led officers on a brief chase until he arrived at his home and ran inside.

Naturally, the childís story has been attracting a ton of views from people who have had that same impulse once or twice in their lives. Itís not that church is incapable of being exciting or spontaneous or touching, itís just that, if you donít connect with the speaker on Sunday morning, the hour can really drag along for what seems like an uncomfortable amount of time. Clearly, this poor kid felt that way, but Iím sure he was able to fight back the impulse after his parents gave him one hell of a punishment.
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