Watch This Amputee Make Her Own Leg Out Of Legos

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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So much of life is about perspective. Through trials, tribulations, bumps and bruises, we all walk a path filled with its share of ups and downs, and itís our choice whether to respond to the challenges with good humor and move past them or to fixate on all the negatives and refuse to move forward.

Earlier this year, popular YouTube user AmputeeOT had her leg amputated below the knee after a car fell on top of her foot. Since then, sheís been regularly churning out YouTube content related to learning how to walk, adjusting to her injury and sounding off on being apart of a completely different culture. Because of her unique and fun perspective, the occupational therapistís channel has attracted a few thousand subscribers.

About three weeks ago, AmputeeOT decided to record a zany video of her taking off her prosthetic leg and building a new one out of Legos. Someone at work suggested she do it as a joke, but after thinking about how amusing it would be, she decided to actually go for it. She recorded the entire process with her camera and later did some editing to speed it up. The scheme actually worked pretty well too, which probably shouldnít surprise anyone since thereís not one but two entire movies currently being made about the toys. As such, the resulting footage proved to be pretty goofy, and viewers have been eating it up every since. To date, it has attracted almost three hundred thousand views, and that momentum doesnít show any sign of letting up in the near future.

An overwhelming majority of the people who watched this video likely had a good chuckle and moved on with their days, but to some currently dealing with difficult life adjustments, I truly hope the clip reminded them that silver linings can be found everywhere. Thatís why you canít look at someoneís life on paper and truly know whether or not theyíre happy. More often than not, itís all about making the most of things and looking on the bright side.

To watch Amputee OTís introductory video about why she needed the amputation and what the future might hold, you can check out the clip below. When she hit record on her vlogs, she was definitely hoping to connect with some people, but thereís no way she had any idea just how popular her perspective would prove to beÖ

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