There are few things more humorous than watching a buddy get the living hell scared out of him by an animal, at least provided he winds up being okay. Luckily for all of us, the Felix in the new Youtube video “A Flying Crocodile Jumps At Felix” escaped his traumatic run-in without a single scratch, meaning we can all laugh like hell at his desperate flailing. His friends certainly did.

You can take a look at Felix’s faceoff with the crocodile below…

Here’s what I don’t understand about this video. If I was having some outdoor fun in Australia and I saw a crocodile minding his own business and trying to work on his tan, I definitely would not swim toward him with a camera and just hang out wondering what might happen. I would swim in the exact opposite direction and hope we never crossed paths again. Apparently, Swedish people are bigger daredevils than I am, or at least these three dudes in particular are.

It’s also worth noting that Felix’s buddy Ulrik refers to the leaping water beast as a “supercrocodile” in the description. Given he plays dead like an opossum and then bounds into action with a wrestling-like aerial assault maneuver, I think that sounds about right.



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