Watch This Driver Unload 3 Tons Of Bamboo In 30 Seconds

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Just because itís possible to build an expensive and complicated machine to unload cargo doesnít mean one is needed. Just because itís possible to pay an army of workers to unload cargo doesnít mean said money is well spent. Sometimes all thatís needed is one man, gravity and a little bit of common sense to get a huge job done.

Thatís exactly whatís going on in the above video. Instead of using any of the conventional (and letís face itósafe) ways to deliver his cargo, this dude from Thailand just repeatedly backs up and stops quickly, edging the load toward the back of the flatbed until it eventually throws the balance off and falls onto the ground. Part of me feels like heís going to eventually ruin his truck, but until that sad day, all I can do is applaud the serious balls this man must possess.

If nothing else, this video is evidence of why speaking to workers who actually do specific jobs is the best way to drive innovation. Thatís what every company on Undercover Boss has found out, and thatís what is obvious when watching Romanian workers sort bottles and this driver drop 3 tons of bamboo in thirty seconds.

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