There’s something utterly fascinating and timelessly cool about men who are great with their hands. From the old dudes with the skills and the wherewithal to fix anything to the country folk who can walk into the woods and come back out with dinner, those throwbacks are becoming fewer and fewer by the year as more people take jobs working with their minds. Luckily, they still do exist, and now and again, they wind up on YouTube.

Such is the case for Douglas Owen. He’s a skilled fisherman, and his wife recently recorded him catching a fish with his bare hands. That’s right. His bare hands. She brought up the idea of having rainbow trout for dinner, and he immediately jumped into the lake, grabbed a fish and came back up. As you can see in the above video, it takes about ten seconds for the entire process to unfold and is so impressive people are now questioning its validity.

From Jeff Gordon’s test drive to an eagle snatching up a baby, YouTube is filled with videos that aren’t quite as spontaneous as they seem. This one could potentially be a hoax or hoax-ish on two separate accounts. First, it’s possible this dude already caught a fish and had it trapped in a basket under the water. Then, when he dove in, he simply grabbed it out of the basket and took it up triumphantly. Second, it’s possible this video was recorded two, three or even ten times in order to catch the fish as quickly as possible, but given his shorts seem dry, I don’t think that last one is likely. In fact, I will choose to believe this is the authentic, genuine article until I am told otherwise, just as I did with Richard Hatch.

During the season of Survivor: All-Stars, Hatch decided to go fishing with a spear and wound up not only catching a shark but exchanging bites with the bastard in one of the strangest and most fascinating pieces of footage I have ever seen. Unfortunately for Owen, his video doesn’t feature any under the water exploits to 100% verify its legitimacy, but I’m still on board. Besides, if it’s a hoax, we’ll likely find out for sure in the next few weeks. Until then, you can check out Hatch’s still amazing shark hunting adventure below…




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