Watch This Hilarious Blind Dude Talk About People Driving To See The Grand Canyon

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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It is impossible to understand the vastness of space. We look up and see a largely blank canvas with faint little dots, and as much as scientists and teachers might talk about how many light years or how many millions of miles away these objects are, itís still impossible to understand because we havenít actually traveled those distances. Itís all just a hypothetical concept to us, and for blind people, itís even more difficult to imagine.

Popular YouTube personality Tommy Edison spends his days trying to explain to people what it feels like to be blind. Heís covered attending conventions, the challenges of drawing and his personal favorite noises before, but his latest video might be his most informative yet. For this effort, Edison examines his understandings of intangible concepts for blind people. For example: how does he visualize space when he canít even look up and see it?

There is a lot of great stuff in this clip, but I would have to say my favorite mini-rant involves him talking about how heíll never understand the Grand Canyon. Heís aware itís a big hole in the Earth. Heís aware people drive from miles away to stare into it. For the life of him, he just canít figure out how that could actually be an activity people enjoy doing. Itís one giant mystery heíll never understand.

If you enjoyed the above video and youíre looking for more, Tommy has dozens and dozens of videos on his account. Below, Iíve embedded one of my favorites. After years of wondering, the affable host gets behind the wheel and learns how to drive in an abandoned parking lot. EnjoyÖ

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