Most cats like to spend their time acting aloof, scratching things and hiding from loud noises. This cat, however, has very different goals. Perched on the couch in the laziest position possible, Dave likes to stretch his legs and watch Anaheim Ducks games.

His owner was able to grab some footage of the behavior recently, and it has been going over very well among hockey fans, cat fanatics, stoners and those who like watching animals behave like humans, four key Internet demographics. Check out the clip below…

If all cats behaved this way, I’m pretty sure more dog fans would consider branching out. There’s something extremely loveable and easy about caring for an animal that essentially behaves like a stoned college student. Dave is able to nail that behavior pattern, and since the Anaheim Ducks have been great thus far this season, both he and his owner should have plenty of reasons to smile.

With more than two hundred thousand views in just the past few days, Dave’s antics, or lack thereof, are getting more popular, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a sequel in the works sooner rather than later. Maybe next time he'll add some food to the equation.



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