Watch This Idiot Teenager Touch An Electric Fence

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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The scariest moment in Jurassic Park doesnít involve dinosaurs. It happens when Timmy is lackadaisically moseying down the electric fence, and it gets powered back up, shooting him to the ground and nearly killing him for not climbing faster. Apparently, this idiot wasnít paying attention during that party, however.

A few months back, YouTube user Devon Burnell and her friend Julian were out in the boonies when they spotted an electric fence. Julian decided he wanted to touch it to see if it was real; so, he flicked his hand at it a few times. When nothing happened, he assumed it was off. Unfortunately for him, the fence actually only sent a charge every few seconds. Thus, when he grabbed on, he was given a rude awakening.

This kid gets exactly what he deserves. I appreciate wanting to try things for oneself and being naturally suspicious of what signs tell you, but this is not the right battle to choose because thereís no upside. Whatís the best case scenario? You prove the fence isnít on? Thatís a minor victory.

At some point in his life, Julian will definitely encounter an electric fence again. Something tells me heíll think of this moment and stay a hilarious number of feet away from the voltage at all times. No one wants to see a teenage boy roll around on the ground in hilarious comeuppance, least of all the boy himself.
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