Watch Jodie Foster's Coming Out Speech Uncensored

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Earlier tonight at the Golden Globes, Jodie Foster gave a beautiful, rambling coming out speech in which she openly and proudly admitted her sexuality for the first time to the general public. In many ways, the moment was extremely touching. Unfortunately, thanks to a very poorly timed audio mishap, a lot of observers thought the powers that be at NBC were trying to keep the star from talking about her personal life.

In the past few hours, full uncensored video of Fosterís speech has emerged, and it seems all viewers at home missed were some wolf whistles from the crowd and her saying ďJesusĒ. You can go ahead and watch the footage belowÖ

That speech may not have been how most people would have drawn it up on paper, but for her, it was oddly perfect. It acknowledged her family, her reasons for remaining mum for so long and her pride at exactly who she is. I canít imagine many people listened to it and thought less of the actress, and Iím sure those closest to her were very pleased.

Pop Blendís congratulations go out to Jodie. Iím sure that wasnít the most comfortable thing for her to do, but hopefully, itís something sheíll look back and be proud of.
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