Watch To Learn Why We Hate Black Cats, Donít Open Umbrellas Inside And More

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Why does bad news come in threes? Why is walking under a ladder bad luck? Why do we keep four leaf clovers or consider horseshoes signs of impending good fortune? The truth is most of us donít know. We were raised with those little superstitions, and most of us take those legends in without knowing the full backstory.

Luckily, heroic YouTube channel Mental Floss is here to explain it all for us. This week, host John Green outlines thirty-two superstitions weíve all heard of and explains where we think each of them came from. Let me go ahead and give you the abridged version. They came from the church. Almost all of them. Our ancestors were apparently under the assumption that damn near everything could piss off God and/ or send the wrong message to the devil. So, they came up with all of these little tricks or eccentricities to make sure they remained in the light.

If Mental Floss has one primary skill, itís origins. Theyíve done phrases, misquotes and even where the names of alcoholic beverages come from. Consequently, this footage really fits right in.

If you feel like pushing forward and watching a little more, you can check out the entry below concerning weird college mascotsÖ

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