Riding in an elevator with someone who makes you uncomfortable is an irritating experience, but apparently, riding in an elevator with a dead person is even worse. That’s what some poor, unsuspecting people in Brazil found out this week after a television show unleashed a macabre prank involving a casket and a man dressed up to look like a dead body.

Most of the victims were visibly uncomfortable just riding in the elevator alongside the casket, but when it popped open exposing a corpse, the discomfort turned into full-on terror. Take a look at the madness below…

A few weeks ago, this same Brazilian television show scored a huge viral hit by sneaking a creepy little girl into an elevator through a trap door. I’m not sure this clip is better, but regardless, it does prove to me that I like the reactions far better when there are two separate people experiencing it. It’s almost as if seeing the other person terrified increases their own fear, causing a chain reaction that progressively heightens everyone’s fear levels.

Here’s to hoping we get even more hilarious elevator pranks in the next few weeks. The enclosed space and the ability to control the environment really make for a blank canvas of brilliant and creepy possibilities.



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